Sir Terence Conran, one of the founders of the Boundary Hotel in London, UK.


Some 50 years after he opened the design shop that made his name, Sir Terence Conran, along with Lady Conran and his partner Peter Prescott, opened a London hotel that made a neighborhood: Boundary.

Design guru Sir Terence Conran and Peter Prescott are almost single handedly responsible for the fast turn-around of East London’s popular Shoreditch neighborhood. Together they transformed a converted Victorian warehouse into a hotel that draws hedge fund managers, intellectuals, hipsters, artists and young families alike. "I think ...

“The art community, is an essential part of our identity amongst the locality.”
The Boundary's rooftop BBQ is one of Shoreditch's favorite summer hangouts, UK.

... that’s the fun of the area,” Prescott says about Shoreditch. How did it all come about, you ask? After bringing design to the British high street, Conran focused on restaurants, which he opened at a breathtaking pace around the world before finding the need to scale back. Conran's former operations director, Peter Prescott, shared his passion both for food and art, as well as his desire to engage in a project that allowed him to spend more time focusing on the details. With the Boundary, which opened in 2008, they have built less a hotel than an architectural homage to the great designers who have influenced them. The rooms and public spaces reflect these influences, and the co-owners have taken their love for art and design into the neighborhood by hosting gallery dinners. "The art community," says Conran, "is an essential part of our identity." In the culinary arena, both Conran and Prescott have hit the spot with their fine dining restaurant, the Albion Cafe, and their Chateau Boundary wine club. In fact, the Albion is Shoreditch's living room of sorts, a mingling place for creatives who crave home-cooked meals, freshly baked breads and desserts. Another Conran-Prescott collaboration, Lutyens, opened in the summer of 2009 and is located in the former Reuters building - the famous ticker tape is referenced in the marble mosaic floor. The Boundary's rooftop is jam-packed seven days of the week - no wonder given the excellent BBQ and the classy crowd!

The Boundary's individually styled rooms feature design elements inspired by 20th_century modernism The Boundary's individually styled rooms feature design elements inspired by 20th_century modernism The backery at the Albion restaurant (Boundary) is connected to a Twitter feed, London
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