25hours Hotel Zürich West

“We try not to answer questions, but to create them.”
28 – Feb – 2013

The railway came to Zurich West first, sparking an industrial revolution and bringing countless new factories to the region. But then the highway arrived, and by the 1980s industry had begun to dwindle. Zürich West almost fell into disrepair. Now it’s back, thriving as a cultural hub and the surrounding streets – teeming with restaurants, nightlife, eclectic shopping and galleries – have started to attract award-winning artists and designers.

Among them is Zürich resident Alfredo Häberli, the creative mind behind 25hours Hotel Zürich West. Since graduating from the Zurich School of Design, he has worked with names like Alias, Camper and Volvo to discover new ways of looking at everyday objects. His unmistakable signature style – a mixture of innovation and pure joyous energy – leaps out from every corner as soon as you step beyond the hotel’s seven-story facade. Custom-designed multifunctional furniture adorns the 126 rooms and suites, while splashes of vivid raspberry and fuchsia breathe life into the roomy public areas.

As with other 25hours properties in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Vienna, the focus has been on integrating the hotel with the local environment. So from outside, like many of the late-19th-century factories nearby, the building looks square-edged, functional and gritty. Inside, things become more sophisticated, with the spacious ground floor reflecting Zürich’s reputation for sophistication, and its cheeky-bright walls and pillars echoing the free and easy vibe of Zürich West’s best nightclubs.

Rooms and suites feature hand-tufted carpets, bronze fittings, and wallpaper with a mother-of-pearl effect. The more expensive "platinum" rooms come with spacious outdoor terraces and gray mosaic floors with glimmering platinum inlays. Regardless of which comfort level you choose, you can take time to chill in the top-floor wellness area, which has its own sauna and expansive views across the neighborhood and beyond. Zürich West has never looked better.





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