Interactive design and architecture

Based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn our studio focuses on industrial design, interactive environments and the influence of new technologies on traditional craftsmanship.
16 – Apr – 2012

We were thrilled when our friend Drew Seskunas, one of the founders of the fledgling design studio The Principals- based out of Brooklyn, shared their latest project with us. The "Cosmic Quilt" is an awesome exploration of interactive architecture being created for May's New York Design Week. Check out their video above, and their Kickstarter profile here to contribute to the advancement of design, architecture and a promising young studio.

Have you ever wondered what buildings will look like in the future? If the kind of interactivity we have come to expect in our devices will ever make it's way into the architecture we inhabit?

Soon, just as we can sense a space as calm, contemplative or frenetic, the space itself will be able to sense our presence and react accordingly.

This May, The Principals and 20 students from the Art Institute of New York will take the first step to allow the public to be able to experience this new type of architectural space. Over 1 week, we will instruct the students in the construction of a reactive architectural environment that will open to the public during New York Design Week, May 19-21.

Students will learn to network a series of sensors, motors and micro-controllers through a unique system developed by The Principals in their Brooklyn studio.

The page also shows the range of furniture that The Principals are designed alongside the Cosmic Quilt.





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